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The appearance style of the seersucker is special

Industry information / 2020-06-17 09:42:44

Seersucker is a cotton printing and dyeing product with seersucker crepe. There are bleaching, plain color, printing and yarn-dyed color strip, etc. Wear breathable and comfortable, do not need ironing after washing, suitable for children's wear, blouses, dresses, pajamas, etc. Thicker yarn seersucker can be used as a bedspread, curtains, etc. There are many processing methods. Blistering is the use of concentrated alkali will be expanded fiber, shrinkage characteristics.

Seersucker obtained by printing alkali directly on cotton fabric is called seersucker, also known as traditional seersucker; Seerette produced by fully soaking and rolling lye with anti-dye resin printed locally on cotton fabrics. The term in printing and dyeing industry is resin seerette. When cleaning, it is not easy to use washing machine to clean, and when hand washing, cannot scrub too hard, otherwise easy to affect its original elasticity.