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Performance indexes brush yarn

Industry information / 2020-06-17 09:46:35

The count of yarn is expressed in metric system. The count is large, the yarn is thin, the count is small, and the yarn is thick.

The metric count refers to the number of kilometers of yarn in 1kg of yarn. If the length of 1kg yarn is 18000m, it is 18 yarns.

Pulling power of wool and wool. Expressed by the load of the broken yarn, the length of the yarn and yarn stretched is called elongation.

Wool yarn and wool yarn are closely related to the fastness and production efficiency of the fabric. The strength and elongation of the fabric is the foundation of the fabric. Therefore, the strength and elongation of the whole wool yarn and wool yarn are important indicators of quality.

Due to the direct impact of the strength of its quality, the requirements must be appropriate strength, too large will make wool yarn and yarn slack, reduce; Strong extension is too small, increase and wool and wool become stiff. The strength of wool yarn and yarn varies with the raw materials used and the degree of processing, as well as the fiber arrangement. If the raw materials are of good quality, the fibers are arranged neatly, and the twisting is appropriate, the higher the wool yarn, the better the elasticity will be.